Brooklands Automotive Brings Fully Equipped Wanneroo Car Repair Service

Brooklands Automotive provides you with auto repairs and car servicing to all makes and models at Wanneroo Car Repair Service. Car repair is not just about getting your oil changed or brakes checked. It’s about reliability. It’s about the expert mechanics that care about your car and ensure your car’s quick and safe recovery.

European Car Servicing

Fleet servicing and logbook servicing are available here. At Wanneroo Car Repair Service there is no hidden cost. The service providers always clarify about all costs involved in getting your vehicle back on the road. Brooklands Automotive provides service and repair of all European makes and models, from vintage classics to the latest models. The technicians at Wanneroo Car Repair Service have specialist diagnostic equipments and extensive knowledge of European cars and parts network. Logbook servicing is available here even with the European models.

Mechanical Repair

You can have extensive components repair and attractive package offers here. The mechanical repair service includes repairing and replacing parts from the clutch and exhaust systems to wheel bearing, motor checking and repairing of engine cooling systems, exchanging water pumps or intake elements. The team at Wanneroo Car Repair Service gives special importance to exhaust systems and mufflers. The exhaust system ensures toxic exhaust fumes stay out of your car cabin. It helps engine run properly, gives best possible fuel efficiency and reduces the environment-polluting emissions.

Guarantee and Warranty

Brooklands Automotive is happy to check your oil and water any time. It’s important to check these levels on a regular basis. The goods and services come with guarantees here. You are entitled to a replacement for a major failure. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality. They provide an extended warranty in tunes and services and mechanical repair. So stop by for an inspection by a qualified technician here.