Brooklands Automotive Fully Equipped Mechanical Workshop Perth for Mechanical Repairs Perth

Brooklands Automotive is well-known for affordable quality service and quick fault finding with latest test technology. Mechanical Workshop Perth is fully equipped to deal with almost all kinds of auto repair work, from basic repairs to major mechanical faults.

When you need major mechanical repair of your vehicle, Mechanical Repairs Perth brings a full range of services like clutch replacement, shock absorbers check; wheel bearing repack, cooling system service, battery replacement etc. Qualified staff carries out all major services using high quality parts and according to manufacturer’s specifications.

You can have extensive components repair and attractive package offers here. As for example:

  1. Repairing and replacing parts from the clutch and exhaust system to wheel bearing
  2. Motor checking and repairing of engine cooling system
  3. Exchanging engine parts such as water pumps or intake elements

Mechanical Repairs Perth offers a range of tyre services, including wheel balancing, tyre fitting, wheel alignments and tyre repairs. The team at Brooklands Automotive gives special importance to exhaust systems and mufflers. The exhaust system ensures toxic exhaust fumes stay out of your car cabin. It helps engine run properly, gives best possible fuel efficiency and reduces the environment-polluting emissions.

The high-tech car tuning service here includes diagnostic check and high-tech electronic tune-up including spark plugs and points. Checking engine oil level and coolant level are two prime factors that Mechanical Workshop Perth takes care of on a priority basis. To check engine oil you have to locate the oil dipstick, pull it out and wipe it clean. By pushing it back and pulling it out you can check the oil level. For coolant level, you can check the low and high markings outside the reservoir. You can experience how the technicians do not take the radiator cap off to check coolant levels, because hot coolant system is still under pressure and the pressure release might burn. The qualified mechanics at Brooklands Automotive offers all these services and you have the opportunity witness some of the methods.