Joondalup Car Repair Service

Joondalup Car Repair Service Offers a Full Range of Tune-up

Maintenance and inspection are the two primary factors in car repair and services. Joondalup car Repair Service by Brooklands Automotive offers affordable car servicing, logbook servicing, maintenance and repairs on your car.

European Car Servicing

Brooklands Automotive provides service and repair of all European makes and models, from vintage classics to the latest models. The technicians here have specialist diagnostic equipments and extensive knowledge of European cars and parts network. Logbook servicing is available even with the European models.

Why You Need to Service Your Car Regularly?

  1. Engine oil loses its effectiveness over time. Regular replacement of engine oil extends engine life.
  2. Leaking fluids cause major breakdown or accident.
  3. Regular checking and inflating of tyres to correct pressure extend their life.
  4. Regular check of steering and suspension components is necessary to extend their life.
  5. Regular check and adjustment of brakes ensure safety.
  6. All moving parts need lubrication to avoid wear and tear.
  7. Regular service documentation enhances the resale value.

Regular car servicing by a qualified mechanic is the only way to avoid sudden break down on the road. Beside visual inspection, you have to ask your mechanic to lift your car and check major components. You have to keep on checking engine oil level, coolant level, car belts, battery terminals, brake dust, tyre pressure and tyre trade depth on a regular basis.

The high-tech Joondalup car Repair Service includes diagnostic check and high-tech electronic tune-up including spark plugs and points. When required, we bring a full range of services like clutch replacement, shock absorbers check; wheel bearing repack, cooling system service, battery replacement etc.

Joondalup car Repair Service never compromises with the originality of the spare parts, fair prices and rapid order processing. In case additional work is necessary, we always consult with the customer before proceeding. To get your car serviced with first class skilled work from regularly trained technicians and comprehensive diagnosis software, call Brooklands Automotive today.