Osborne Park Car Repair Service

Osborne Park Car Repair Service Offers a Full Range of Tune-up

Maintenance and inspection are the two primary factors in car repair and services. Brooklands Automotive is your local expert for your entire vehicle repair and maintenance needs. Osborne Park car Repair Service by Brooklands Automotive offers affordable car servicing, logbook servicing, maintenance and repairs on your car.

Why You Should Get Your Car Serviced Every Six Months?

  1. A perfect engine uses less fuel generating less emissions
  2. All moving parts need lubrication to avoid wear and tear
  3. Lights must be regularly adjusted for legal and safe operation
  4. Brakes must be checked to ensure safety
  5. Regular service documentation enhances the resale value

The technicians of Brooklands Automotive understand that a service is more than a few new spark plugs and an oil change. It is about ensuring smooth and safe running of the vehicle because minor problems can transform to big, expensive ones. They understand the vehicle electrics and electronics well. So they always suggest you to do fuel system check, full lube service, a full brake inspection, changing engine oil, oil filter, safety check with a written vehicle safety report along with electronic tune-up.

Osborne Park car Repair Service is always on the lookout for ways to improve quality and customer service. Their high-tech car tuning service includes diagnostic check and high-tech electronic tune-up including spark plugs and points when required. When you need major mechanical repair of your vehicle, Osborne Park car Repair Service brings a full range of services like, clutch replacement, shock absorbers check; wheel bearing repack, cooling system service, battery replacement etc. Qualified staff carries out all major services using high quality parts and according to manufacturer’s specifications.

For mechanical repairs, new and used car logbook servicing, high-tech tune ups, brakes and cooling systems servicing book now at Osborne Park car Repair Service.