Avoid Regular Breakdowns, Experience Wangara Car Repair Service

Avoid Regular Breakdowns, Experience Wangara Car Repair Service

Tired of breakdowns in crucial moments? The time has come you understand the importance of regular car servicing. Brooklands Automotive offers a full range of vehicle repairing services at Wangara Car Repair Service. All of their work is guaranteed and you would not lose your new car warranty.

Why You Need to Service Your Car Regularly?

  1. Engine oil loses its effectiveness over time. Regular replacement of engine oil extends engine life.
  2. Leaking fluids cause major breakdown or accident.
  3. Regular checking and inflating of tyres to correct pressure extend their life.
  4. Regular check of steering and suspension components is necessary to extend their life.
  5. Regular check and adjustment of brakes ensure safety.

The above points show that you should service your vehicle regularly not only to avoid breakdown but also to get the best of it. Wangara Car Repair Service offers that affordable quality maintenance and inspection. That includes regular vehicle inspections, oil change, interval maintenance and general wear and tear repair diagnosis. Every Wangara Car Repair Service includes full lube service, changing engine oil, oil filter, full brake inspection and vehicle safety report. Qualified staffs carry out all major service works using high quality parts and according to manufacturer’s specifications.

Brakes an Petrol Injection Services

You can trust the professional brake repair and modern fuel injection technology here. The qualified mechanics at Wangara Car Repair Service of Brooklands Automotive provides you with replaced parts of wear and tear such as brake pads and discs. They ensure maintenance and repair of mechanical and hydraulic brake systems and diagnosis and repair of petrol injection systems. Examine and repair of ignition systems, petrol pressure systems, intake/exhaust systems and emission checks are the integral parts of petrol injection services.

So for a service you can rely on, book now at Wangara Car Repair Service.